Free Task Manager for HyperV to Monitor the Performance of Virtual Machines

Veeam has released a new FREE tool for real time monitoring of Virtual Machines of Hyper-V host. This tool is called “Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V“. The build-in windows task manager is not very useful in a Hyper-V host because the CPU and memory usage shown there does not show which virtual machines are using those resources. Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V tool can provide you the performance details for Hyper-V host and VMs running on that host. In my personal SCCM lab this is very useful. Moreover this is a FREE tool with all the features.

Download Free Veeam Task Manger for Hyper-V from here

Task Manager For HyperV 1

You don’t have to install SCOM or SCVMM for basic performance monitoring tasks of you hyper-v host. However let me warn you this is not a replacement for SCOM or SCVMM. But I don’t find any requirement of installing SCOM and SCCVM for small lab setup.

Overview Video

Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V installation took me less than 5 minutes. More over there is nothing to configure, just launch the tool and use it. I’ve launched the tool from my laptop and it connected to my Hyper-v host (SCCZ) as shown in the above picture. It also provides the basic inventory details of my hyper-v host. Veeam Hyper-V manager provides following information :-

  • CPU and memory resources consumed by the parent partition on the host
  • Amount of RAM installed on the host
  • Number of CPU cores on the host and CPU frequency
  • Number of VMs running on the host

Task Manager For HyperV 2

We can also adjust the refresh speed of monitoring of the incoming resources. Using following option mentioned in the picture.

High ==> Updates collected data every 3 seconds.
Normal ==> Updates collected data every 9 seconds.
Low ==> Updates collected data every 15 seconds

Task Manager For HyperV 3

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