How to Add Regional LanguagePack Keyboard and Typing Support in Windows 10

Windows 10 is giving us a chance to use regional languages with very ease. In this “How to” post, I’m going to walk through the process of adding regional language support in Windows 10 (9926 build).  Microsoft has made it very easy. You can install your regional language support in 5 minutes to a Windows 10 machine. Would like to know about other features of Windows 10, refer to the previous post “Latest Features Included in Windows 10 New Build“. In this post, I’ll be adding my regional language and mother tongue Malayalam as an example.

1) Go to settings options from Windows 10 start menu


 2) In the setting window, click or tap on Time and Language icon.



3) In the Time and language windows, click / tap on Region and Language.


4) On the add a language page, click or tap on Malayalam (of any other language like Hindi, Tamil, Kannada etc).


5)  Come back to Time and Language page, click on Region and Language, you would be able to see Malayalam selected there !!


6) Log-off and  login back this willl automatically set the default language as Malayalam. Otherwise, follow the below steps. I don’t have Regional language keyboard, hence using the virtual keyboard which is in-build in Windows 10. Click or Tap the virtual keyboard icon in the task-bar.


7) Once you launch virtual keyboard,  select Malayalam Keyboard !


8) Once you select Malayalam Keyboard as mentioned in the step 7. You can see Malayalam keyboard. Now start using this keyboard.


9) I tried Cortana (rather search) and I know it’s supported but just wanted to try. As you can see in the following picture, you can use malayalam keyboard to type in windows 10. However the default Windows commands won’t work in this. This is only for typing of malayalam letters in Windows 10 machine.


10. Happy to see regional language (malayalam) works for Money and Xbox application as well.

Windows 10 - Regional-Language1

Windows 10 - Regional-Language



മലയാളം വളരെ എളുപ്പമാണ് അല്ലേ? (Malayalam is very easy, isn’t it ? :))

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  1. Arun says:

    Malayalam reading is still not perfect even after installing the pack. Example: Is there any way we can fix it.

  2. freddi says:

    did work, thank you very much

  3. Anju says:

    Will this works in Windows 8.10 phone ?

  4. राकेश says:

    हिंदी के बारे में बताओ गुरु…

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