How to Clean Remove Previous Windows 10 Installations

All 3 of my laptops are running with Windows 10 TP2 build # 10049. Most of the time, during Windows 10 upgrade to new build process, I face issues like there is no enough space to install the new build. So the question is how to remove/clean the Previous Windows Installations from my Windows 10 laptop? Yes, we can manually delete or remove the folders called Windows.old and Recovery Image. But I’ve seen most of the time Windows.old folder won’t get deleted because of some issues. In this post, I’m going to discuss another option to disk cleanup “previous Windows installations“.

1. Go to System Drive –> This PC –> OSDisk (C:) –> Right click Properties –> Click on Disk Cleanup

Clean OS Disk Windows 10

2. On Disk Cleanup of OSDisk (C:), select files to delete : Previous Windows Installation(s).

Files from a previous Windows Installation. Files and folders that may conflict with the installation of Windows have been moved to folders named Windows.old. You can access data from the previous installations in this folder. Once you remove this, 26.3 GB in my case, I can easily perform next Windows 10 build upgrade !!

Clean OS Disk Windows 10-13. Click OK and on the Dick Cleanup (C:) window. Click on “Delete Files” confirmation to proceed further. By end of this process Windows.old folder will be removed from Windows 10 machine and you can save more than 10 GB of space !!

Clean OS Disk Windows 10-2

4. Once Disk Clean up is done (completed), you can see the difference in the free space of C drive. When you try to perform Disk Cleanup again, you won’t get the option to delete the previous windows installations.

Clean OS Disk Windows 10-3

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