Windows 10 TP 2 New Build 10061 with Cortana for India and More New Features

Microsoft has released new build for Windows 10 TP2 and the build # is 10061. This build includes new features and some bug fixes. For Indian Windows Insiders, the biggest feature included in this build is that they’ve enabled the Cortana for India location. After the upgrade to the latest Windows 10 TP2 # 10061, I’m very happy to talk to cortana for the first time :). As an IT Pro, I’m happy to see that Microsoft has fixed the Hyper-V errors in this Windows 10 10061 build. We were not able to enable Hyper-v in the previous builds if we are doing it for the first time for that machine. Spartan the new browser still has some problem going to suspended mode after minimizing it as posted “Windows 10 Spartan The New Internet Browser is Suspended


Power button is moved down in this build of Windows 10 as per the feedback and we can easy re-size the start menu. Transparency of start menu is improved as well as notification menu transparency is improved now. The taskbar time and calender view changed now (this is the first time I’m noticing that so not sure whether this was there in previous version or not).


Cortana is enabled for India location in Windows 10 Build # 10061. Cortana is the best think ever happen to me in this build. Cortana can understand Indian accent (I must say South Indian Accent probably :)).


New Mail and Calender Applications: I’ve already seen this applications working very well in Windows 10 for Mobile phone 10052 as posted “Download and Update Next Version Windows 10 for Mobile Phones with Bug Fixes“. It’s similar universal experience in laptop as well.

Windows10-Build-10061-3 Windows10-Build-10061-2

Task View Button is visible in Task bar of new build of Windows 10 TP . Also in this version, you can see loads of improvements. The improvements also apply to Alt+Tab and Snap Assist.


Photos universal application: I’ve seen some updates for Photos app. Albums are tiles are available now.


Spartan project the new browser still has problem going to suspended mode after minimizing it. However MS fixed following things in Spartan. We can now double-click on the titlebar to maximize. We have also made some tweaks to the alignment of the Favorites Bar so that the text and icons no longer appear partially below the bottom of the Favorites Bar.


Hyper-v can be enabled in the fresh Windows 10 build # 10061. Before there was a bug with enabling Hyper-v. For me, Hyper-v was working because, I’ve enabled the Hyper-v with Windows 8.1 build and then I upgraded to Windows 10. If your scenario is different and your is fresh Windows 10 build then the Hyper-v won’t get enabled on your Windows 10 TP (less than build #10061) laptops or desktops. In this build Microsoft has fixed the Hyper-V issue.


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  1. Jatin Kumar says:

    Hi Anoop, I upgraded to 10061 today hoping to see HYPER V option under Program & Features still in is missing , can you please guide if there is a way to fix this and Enable

    • Anoop says:

      Hi Jatin ! – I can see that in my machine. It could be possible that your machine is not supported ? Because the bug was not that the feature is not visible or something however, it was something like you won’t be able to connect to local machine from hyper V console. I hope… that is what I experienced before.


  2. Jatin says:

    Hi Anoop

    I upgraded from 8.1 and I had Hyper V , after the upgrade I can’t see
    the option, if you google No Hyper V in program & Features Windows 10
    you will see similar posts. I checked my BIOS and virtualization is there
    and enabled.

    I have another 8.1 machine and I can use Hyper v .Will figure this may be rollback
    and install a fresh copy.Apology for my typing and bad format as I am in a moving bus
    and typing on my phone. Thanks for replying.
    I will be meeting your friend Harjit Daliwal in
    Ignite May 4th.


    • Anoop says:

      Hi Jatin ! – Interesting as I’m in same situation and I can access my hyper-v console and machines which I used in Windows 8.1 after the in place upgrade to Windows 10. In this scenario you don’t need to add the features after upgrading to Windows 10. You can directly launch HyperV and start working.

      Say my hi to Harjit 🙂 Also enjoy networking there !!!


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