Windows 10 SCCM 2016 and Intune Sessions Lined Up for BLR ITPro UG Meet

We’ve arranged another Bangalore IT Pro User Group meeting on Saturday 30th May 2015. There are loads of exciting stuff included in this UG meeting.  Deepak (PS MVP) helped us to make this event possible even though he moved out of Bangalore. Thank you Deepak and Ravikant ! In this event, we cover all the emerging technologies from IT Pros world. Windows 10 is about to release in a month and in this meeting we would like to give an overview of new features of Windows 10 along with upgrade path details. Apart from Windows 10, Microsoft Intune session will give you more insights about Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Another exciting session would be of SCCM 2016, in this meeting, we are going to give you an overview of SCCM 2016 !!

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Below is the agenda for the May 2015 UG meeting :

Session 1– Manage iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices using Microsoft Intune
Description – Manage applications access using MAM – Mobile Device Management using Microsoft Intune. Conditional access to cooperate resources using Microsoft Intune.
Speaker – Anoop C Nair , ConfigMgr Expert with 13+ years experience with the Product. ITPro at heart and he is quite popular in ConfigMgr Universe, Check out his website here ->

Session 2–  ConfigMgr 2016 Technical Preview overview
Description – New features and capabilities in ConfigMgr 2016.
Speakers – Gurudath and Venkant, part of Architect Engineers Team with 12+ experience (each) in the ConfigMgr space.

Session 3 – Windows 10 Technical Preview overview
Description – New features and changes
Speaker – Anoop C Nair , second session by Anoop.

Session 4 – Azure Machine Learning
Speaker – Hemanth Chowdary, one of the core people at PSBUG with a zeal to learn & share( head over to for more)

Session 5 – Azure Site Recovery
Speaker – Vinith Menon, Microsoft MVP , Vinith does lot of cool and awesome stuff with PowerShell, System Center and NetApp products (

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