How to Restart SMS Executive Threads Like Cloud User Sync from Registry

Do you know how to restart the SMS execute threads like “SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER” and “SMS_CLOUD_USERSYNC”  of SCCM / ConfigMgr Current Branch (CB)? Yes, this can be done via SCCM Service manager. It’s pretty straight forward. More details about SCCM service manager is in the post here. How to do the SCCM executive threads restart from registry? Yes, that will be covered in this post 🙂

Restart SCCM Executive Threads Via Registry-1

Open up the registry edit (regedit.exe) and browse through the following key path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\COMPONENTS\SMS_EXECUTIVE\Threads“. Once you are there find the SCCM thread you wanted to restart. It can be any of these SCCM threads SMS_DESPOOLER, SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER, SMS_CLOUD_USERSYNC etc.. Locate the string value called “Requested Operation“. As you can see in the below screen capture by default this is set to “None“.

Restart SCCM Executive Threads Via Registry-2

Open up string value of “Requested Operation” key and change the value from “None” to “Stop”. This action will stop the SCCM executive thread called SMS_CLOUD_USERSYNC in this scenario. Once you changed it to stop, you can see the following log file entries in the cloudusersync.log file. More details in the screen shot below.

CCloudUserSync::Process - User sync processing thread is now stopping.

Restart SCCM Executive Threads Via Registry-3 Restart SCCM Executive Threads Via Registry-4

Once the SCCM executive thread called “SMS_CLOUD_USERSYNC” is stopped the registry value “Requested Operation” key will automatically flip back to “None”. Now to start the SCCM executive thread again, change the registry string value of “Requested Operation” from “None” to “Start“. This will start the SCCM thread “SMS_CLOUD_USERSYNC”. Once the thread is started you can see the following entries in cloudusersync.log and the registry string value of the key “Requested Operation” will automatically flip back to “None“.

SMS_EXECUTIVE started SMS_CLOUD_USERSYNC as thread ID 2064 (0x810).
CCloudUserSync::Process - User sync processing has started.
Starting user sync ...

Restart SCCM Executive Threads Via Registry-5

What could be the used case for this registry entry edit? One I can think of is scripting can be done using this if we want to automate the process of SCCM executive thread restart.

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