How to Migrate SCCM CB 1606 Primary server to new hardware or new virtual server

How to Migrate SCCM CB 1606 primary server to new hardware or new virtual server? How to restore SCCM CB primary server from full SCCM backup? I’ll try to answer these two questions in this blog post and the video.  I used SCCM CB full backup to migrate primary server into virtual server. In this scenario, I’ve SCCM CB primary site server and Database server on the same box. After the migration Intune/cloud communication was not working and all the logs (CloudUserSync.log, DMPUploader.log and DMPDownloader.log) filled with “Certmgr has not installed certificate yet, sleep for 1 minutes.“. The resolution was to remove Intune subscription and add it back.

Video Tutorial :- How to Migrate ConfigMgr SCCM CB 1606 Primary Server to New Hardware

Following are the prerequisites which we need to follow while migrating SCCM CB primary server to new hardware:-
Hostname Should be same :
Drive Letters should be same :
Installation Path should be same:
Should have same patch level:
Better to have the same IP:
The following steps will help to complete the migration steps easily  
1.Document local SMS group memberships of existing server
2.Perform differential Robocopy of the backup folders to the new server (Package Source\DP files\WSUS)
3.Shutdown Current SCCM CB Server
4.Delete AD object of existing SCCM Server from Active Directory Users and Computers
5.Rename new server to the old SCCM CB server name
6.Give New Server OLD IP address (Optional)
7. Perform Domain Join of new SCCM CB server. Provide FULL ACCESS to new SCCM CB computer object in System Management container and also add to respective AD groups wherever required.
8. Install all the prerequesites – ADK, WSUS, SQL etc….
9. Run the setup from CD.Latest folder to get the latest binaries of existing CB site

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  1. Vlado Panek says:

    I want to migrate sccm 1606 to new server – but old OS is Windows server 2008 R2.

    are this steps well ?:

    new server is w2012 R2. Should I uninstall WSUS on old server and then do full backup ?


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