How to Restore or Recover SCCM ConfigMgr CB Standalone Primary Server

This is another video tutorial to demonstrate “How to restore or recover SCCM/ConfigMgr CB standalone primary server“. The prerequisite for this type of recovery (explained in the video and the table below) – we need to have SCCM/ConfigMgr CB full backup, Server name should be same as existing server , Drive Letters should be same, Installation Path should be same, Should have same patch level and Better to have the same IP (to avoid opening new Firewall rules). If you have question “How to take the full backup of SCCM CB server” then it is already explained in the previous post here. So I’m not going to cover that topic in this post or video. Also, SCCM CB primary server migration to new hardware is already covered in the post here. In this scenario, I’m going to use SCCM CB full backup to restore or recover Site Database server. SCCM CB Site Server and Site Database Recovery options which I selected during the recovery process is very important. In this scenario, I opted to use reinstall the site server part of SCCM CB site server recovery and I opted for “Recover DB using SCCM full backup” option to recover the site server database.

Another question I get as part of SCCM CB hybrid (with Intune integration) is :-  Do we need to re enroll the mobile devices once the SCCM CB server is restored/Recovered ? The answer is there in the video 🙂

Video Tutorial :- SCCM CB + Intune Hybrid standalone primary server recovery !

Table 1 :- SCCM CB Site Server and Site Database Recovery options demonstrated in the above video is highlighted


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