5 ways to Save Time on Hyper-V with PowerShell


Are you a Hyper-V admin? Most of IT Pros who is seriously trying out things in lab should be using Hyper-V for sure. In that case, here is the free eBook will surely help you save time and efforts in administrating Hyper-V. This eBook from Altaro demonstrates how PowerShell automation can help you to save time and efforts while managing your Hyper-V environment effectively. Most of the PowerShell tips you are going to get from this book are like scripts however you could also run many of the commands interactively in PS console as well. This book will provide helping hand to IT Pros to start writing PowerShell Hyper-V management tools and scripts. This book will show you how to automate 5 common Hyper-V tasks to save time – comparing the manual with the automated process, and giving you the scripts to get started.

Download the eBook from here


High Level Content of eBook :-

Configuring a Hyper-V Host
Managing Virtual Machine Storage
Creating a New Virtual Machine
Working with Virtual Switches
Managing Virtual Machine Checkpoints


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