Advantages of having Cloud Reporter for Private Cloud Optimization

Savision’s Cloud Reporter is an excellent innovative product which can be used for Auditing, Predictive Capacity Planning and Virtual Machine Right sizing for Hyper-V. Most of our Organization uses private cloud to get added flexibility and easy access to additional resources. Now a days organizations are moving towards Virtualization because it’s giving improved utilization of the resources than we use today. With the built-in virtualization capabilities of Windows Server, we’ll get best-in-class features and performance. When you add the capabilities of System Center, you can build cloud elasticity and scalability into the datacenter using automation, resource pooling, and dynamic provisioning. Some more details about cloud reporter here.

Now the problem with loads of private cloud setup is not well managed and the solution is not optimized. With SCVMM and SCOM, it’s not very much possible to provide a great extend of optimization. There comes the benefits of using Savision’s  Cloud Reporter. Cloud report can help your organization to get most of out private cloud. More details in the following blog post here.

Advantages of Savision’s  Cloud Reporter

Predict Resource Exhaustion :- Cloud Reporter analyzes historical resource allocation information to determine when Hyper-V clusters and hosts will run out of resources.

Identify Idle Virtual Machines :- Easily identify virtual machines that are no longer being used.

Right Size Your Virtual Machines :- Virtual machines advertise how much of a given resource they want, yet companies often over or under allocate them, leading to waste or instability.

Powered Off Virtual Machines :- Cloud Reporter identifies virtual machines that have been powered off.

Integration with Operations Manager :- Cloud Reporter natively integrates with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to ensure you have all the information you require at your fingertips.

Based on SQL Reporting Services :- Cloud Reporter leverages the native features of SQL Reporting Services, so you can export to various formats including PDF and Excel.

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