Benefits of Disk Based Backup Instant Restore and Deduplication

The disk-based backup deduplication and restore products are always very innovative in a very competitive market . It’s very interesting to keep an eye on the improvements on their products. All the major players in this space are working hard to improve their products.

Veeam Backup & Replication along with the ExaGrid series of disk backup appliances delivers a solid data protection solution for VMware environments with advanced deduplication and data replication for off-site protection. Using an ExaGrid disk backup appliance as a target for Veeam backup jobs allows greater flexibility in job creation and greater deduplication benefits, including granular control of Veeam backup jobs to work around tight timeframes of critical production systems.

Recorded Webinar on the similar topic here.

Some of the benefits of  Veeam Backup & Replication along with the ExaGrid !!

Easy to deploy and configure
Simple, quick and cost-effective disk-based backup
Veeam Instant VM recovery directly from your ExaGrid appliance.
Scalability that meets your business needs
Address the challenges of backup windows and recovery problems
Instant VM recovery
Instant file-level recovery
Instant application
Automated recovery verification
Built-in, source-side compression & deduplication
Simple offsite backups
Storage agnostic

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