What are the Benefits of Veeam Scale Out Backup Repository

What is Scale Out Backup Repository feature in Veeam Availability Suite v9? I blogged about the latest version of Veeam Availability Suite here and the scale-out Backup repository feature was mentioned in that post. In this new world of exponential data growth, Scale-out backup repository is very much innovative and exciting feature. Veeam’s Scale-out Backup Repository provides an abstraction layer over individual storage devices to create a single virtual pool of backup storage to which to assign backups. This feature is a game changer for most of the organizations in terms of their backup strategy and optimization of backup resources. With Scale-Out Backup Repository  feature, Veeam availability suite V9 is capable of making Software Defined backup storage system.


So, what are high level benefits of Scale out backup repository ?

Simplify Backup Job Management  – We don’t have to define different backup jobs for different storage components like Direct Attached Storage (DAS), NAS and Deduplication appliances. Rather with Scale-out backup repository, you can define one backup job and this feature will take care of the different unused storages spaces available. Per VM Backup file chains feature also help in big ways to simplify backup job management.

Improve Backup and Restore Performance – Using data placement policy, Full and incremental backup files can be assigned to separate storage devices for improved synthetic full backup creation and transformation performance.

Spend Less on Backup Storage – Leverage your storage Investment – Veeam’s Scale Out Repository backup feature is intelligent enough to make use of unused storage spaces from all of your storage devices and these unused storage can be put into use as a single backup storage.

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