Block Number Call Filter option is NOT working for Windows 10 Mobile Phone

I’ve been using Windows Phone 10 for more than two weeks now. It has been noticed that block number option is not popping up when I tried to block a number from call history. I’ve enabled Call+SMS filter option from Settings menu on Windows 10 Phone. Block number or Call Filter is not working on Windows 10 Phones, Is this a known issue with Windows 10? I don’t know whether it’s only happening with Lumia 630 or not.  Block number option is located under “Settings” menu “Extras” in the Windows 10 Phone. Tap on call+SMS filter option as shown in the below picture.

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Once you go into Call+SMS filter option then slide the button to “ON” or enable block number or SMS feature on your Windows 10 phone.



When you tap on blocked numbers, you can see a message on your Windows 10 Phone “No blocked numbers. You can add numbers directly from call history



However, when I tried to add a number from my Windows 10 Phone call history page to blocked number, this can be done by pressing “bit” long on a particular number. Only options, I get on the Windows 10 phone are Details, Delete and Add to speed dial !! Block number option is not popping out at all.



Let’s see there is some option to work around Block Number issue in Windows 10 Phone. SMS filter is working fine on Windows 10 Phone. Is Microsoft trying to retire block number option from Windows 10 Phones? Let’s wait and see.

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12 thoughts on “Block Number Call Filter option is NOT working for Windows 10 Mobile Phone”

  1. No; I have the latest 10 Preview build and this is an issue for me as well on my Lumia 1520. However, I DO have the drop down option to “Block Number” at the bottom of the list provided above, but when I choose it the Phone app crashes me back to the desktop. Other than this, my experience is the same as stated above on build 10166. As of May 20th it seems they’re even saying this is going to be some new feature in WP10 rather than specifying it has existed but is broken.

  2. Able to block numbers by long pressing on the number in the call register. Also possible to unblock in similar manner. Lumia 830.

  3. Don’t know if you found the solution, but here it is. Go to settings>system>phone>scroll all the way down and click on “choose apps”>Under Calling & Messaging choose Block and filter from the dropdown. (It’s probably on “none” and that’s why the Block option isn’t available when you long press on a number you want to block.) Then go to the number you want to block, long press and the block option should now appear as an available selection.

  4. Still broken after all this time – especially for SMS with no sender number/ID.
    Switching back to Android as soon as I’m out of contract…


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