Is Cloud a four letter word More Details in the Webinar and White Paper The Road to the Cloud

Are you using System Center products like SCCM, SCOM and SCVMM for years? And, now trying to find out what is the benefits of moving into cloud for your organization? Moreover, are confused about the future opportunities for an IT administrator? Also, being an IT administrator of on-premises infrastructure all these years, we used have FULL access to perform “N” number activities which you won’t able to do in public cloud offerings.

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We probably don’t need to have much of technical in depth troubleshooting skills. Even if we know the problem and solution we don’t have access to make those changes. I’ve been hearing loads of these comments from Office 365 admins (old exchange administrators). Now their support life is entirely changed. Probably more piece of mind for them and less sleepless nights as they can blame vendor (Microsoft for down times :)) !

Will the Cloud will replace IT functions as you know them today? Not only will it simplify your computer, network, and storage but it will also replace the requirement to have equipment on-premises. In short, it does everything you need in your IT organization. More detailed discussion via Webinar by Microsoft MVP Cameron Fuller.

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The core settings / configurations of cloud solutions are fully managed by the vendor for example Microsoft. The IT admin/manager who faces the client has access to the web portal or console (along with some PowerShell Cmdlets). Savision is again helping community with this White paper, this will surely help to clear some doubts floating  around the industry about cloud and where the cloud is heading ! This white paper will discuss the Cloud from the perspective of a systems administrator. The goal for this white paper is to get past the hype and move into the reality of what the Cloud is, how it may be beneficial to your organization, and how it may be important to your career. This white paper is prepared by Cameron Fuller is an author, speaker, and Microsoft MVP !

Cloud-Offerings Contents of this White Paper

Welcome to the Past The Cloud is a four letter word A quick definition of the Cloud Dissecting the Cloud What and where is the Cloud? What are the solutions that the Cloud provides? What new Microsoft Cloud functionality is close on the horizon? Welcome to the Future – Send in the Clouds

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