What is Cloud OS Vision and Details about Private Cloud with Azure Technologies

Savision is back with some excellent community resources to help the IT pro community. They’ve released a white paper on “Azure Technologies in the Private Cloud” and a Video on most common questions and answers about cloud and future of IT. This whitepaper will discuss the Private Cloud’s side of the Cloud OS vision. The IT pro are always confused about private cloud and public cloud. Now there is something called Cloud OS. What is cloud OS? Is there something called cloud OS? Or it’s just Cloud OS vision? The Whitepaper will provide you answers to all these questions.

Download the whitepaper Azure Technologies in the Private Cloud by Kristian Nese (MVP) – Here

Cloud OS Vision

Private cloud in my terms (during 2010 and 2011) was just like setting up Virtual Machines machines in Windows 2008 R2 core server. However, the entire game is changed now. Microsoft introduced loads of new features in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and hence the entire meaning of cloud is changed now. Well, if you are currently working in the IT industry with an extra focus on Cloud Computing, Infrastructure and System Management, you are probably familiar with the term “Private Cloud”.

Other Topics Covered in the above white paper

Microsoft Cloud OS Vision
SCVMM – Enabling the Cloud
Cloud OS Consistent Experiences
Mutli-tenant IaaS Cloud Architecture
Cloud Reporter Hyper-V Cluster Forecast Dashboard

Savision also shared video in which they interviewed several MVPs at TechEd NA 2014 and discussed the following topics: 1) System Center & VMM, 2) Security Concerns in the Cloud and 3) The Future of IT. Watch this video and find out the opinion on these topics from the following MVPs: Cameron Fuller, Steve Buchanan, Kevin Greene, Colin Smith, Robert Butler, Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud and Rick Heiges. Following Questions are answered by MVPS

The Future of IT :- How are people moving to the cloud?  and What are the IT workers going to be doing in the future?

Security Concerns in the cloud : What is the current thinking? and Will people get over them?

System Center and VMM :- VMM as the center of a Cloud and Pace Of System Center Developments/Roll-out


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