How SCCM ConfigMgr Package Conversion Manager PCM Works Video Tutorial

Package Conversion Manager, MMS 2012, Video – Download – Session ID CD-B323 from here

Here is a series of blog posts on Package Conversion Manager (PCM) by Peter Daalmans.

1. Package Conversion Manager part 1: Overview

Convert classic packages (the packages in SCCM 2007) to the new Application Model. The Configuration Manager Package Conversion Manager is an add-on to the Configuration Manager 2012 Console and needs to be installed on every workstation or server from which you want to start the Configuration Manager 2012 Console. This is done by installing the PCMSetup.exe, which you are able to download from the System Center 2012 website.

2. Package Conversion Manager part 2: Converting packages

Different conversions scenarios of classic packages to the new Application Model.

a. Scenario 1: Converting a classic package automatically.
b. Scenario 2: Converting a classic package manually.
c. Scenario 3: Converting a classic package with application depended automatically/manually.

3. Video on Package Conversion Manager

Above TWO parts of Package Conversion Manager are explained in this Video.

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3 thoughts on “How SCCM ConfigMgr Package Conversion Manager PCM Works Video Tutorial”

  1. Hi Anoop,

    we have around 30,000 packages created. Now we are moving into sccm application model. There are high chances that i will have to use some packages as a pre-requisite.

    is there a way to chain sccm packages and sccm application ?


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