ConfigMgr SCCM Package Conversion Physical to Virtual Migration

ConfigMgr SCCM Package Conversion Physical to Virtual Migration. Interesting Blog Posts from Peter Daalmans on PCM and P2V.

ConfigMgr SCCM Package Conversion Physical to Virtual Migration

A. Summary about the toolkit (Click on the original link to get detailed information on the below topics)

1. Application Model Diagram

2. 2007 versus 2012 application feature mapping

3. The Migration experience

4. Migration process to Configuration Manager 2012

5. Migrate packages to applications

6. Package conversion Manager

7. PCM Analysis Readiness States

8. Analysis engine internals (understanding manual verses automatic rules in PCM)

9. Detections methods (the main reason your package is manual)

10.  Process of converting a package

11. The conversion process

12. Best practices for converting packages to the new application model

13. Post migration actions

14. What’s coming up in the next PCM CTP2

15. P2V Migration Toolkit

16. Requirements for virtualization

17. P2V Migration options

18. Task sequence workflow

19. Physical to virtual components

B. P2V Migration toolkit RC released

Release Candidate brings not only bug fixes but also the following improvements:

Patch My PC

1. Added support for high contrast, keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation.

2. Added additional support for critical boot drivers to enhance IDE disk driver support in the virtual instance.

If you want to test the Release Candidate of the Configuration Manager P2V Migration Toolkit, click here to download.

C. PCM toolkit RC released

The Configuration Manager Package Conversion Manager will help you convert your legacy Configuration Manager 2012 packages. A very nice enhancement of Configuration Manager 2012.

Key Features


1. Analyzes Packages
2. Automatic Conversion
3. Fix and Convert Wizard
4. Package Conversion Dashboard
5. Online Help
6. PCMTrace.log


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