ConfigMgr SCCM SUP Enhancements a Quick Overview


“Multiple Active Software Update Points” per SCCM Primary Site is the new enhancement with SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 SP1. Quick overview on New SUP underlying technology.


1. Multiple software update points per Primary Site, which provides fault tolerance without requiring the complexity of NLB.

2. The design of SUP failover is a necessarily different design than the pure randomization model used in the Management Point design.

3. When one SUP goes down, or is unreachable, clients will be able to fail over to another SUP and still scan for the latest updates.

4. The Client will stay assigned to that SUP forever unless it fails to successfully scan. If scan fails, then it waits 30 minutes to try again, using the same SUP. The client will minimally retry four times at 30 minute intervals. So after 2 hours the client will fall back to the next SUP in the list.

5. When a client is disconnected from the corporate intranet and the scan fails, we will not switch SUPs.

6. You can install Software Update Points on Untrusted Forest. The SUPs from the same forest that the client is in are prioritized first, ahead of the cross-forest SUPs. So for all scenarios, the client will get connected to the SUP in the same forest.

7. Now we can specify that DMZ WSUS server as the update catalog source for your top-level SUP. So there is no internet connectivity is required for Configuration Manager Roles.

8. You can have only ONE SUP at a secondary site.

More Details via TechNet documentation here and here.


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