SCCM Alternate Content Provider Adaptiva OneSite Video

Just thought of sharing “Simply Awesome” video clip about Adaptiva OneSite.

This video also offers a brief explanation of following topics.

Bandwidth Management – Adaptiva Protocol

Content Caching – Virtual Caching File System

Content Delivery – True Peer-to-Peer

PXE – Client PXE Services

Policy Reduction – On-Demand Policy Delivery

Content Pre-Staging – Anything, Anywhere

Jason Sandy’s, Microsoft MVP and Adaptiva director of solutions engineering briefly discusses how Adaptiva OneSite can eliminate server infrastructure, simplify IT operations and rapidly improve ROI. Watch Adaptiva OneSite elegantly extend the functionality of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

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2 thoughts on “SCCM Alternate Content Provider Adaptiva OneSite Video”

  1. Do you have a doc which gives more clarity apart from brief presentations :), although thanks for bringing the new topics to look for in emerging market..


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