Learn More About ConfigMgr SCCM CI SDM Package Definitions

Excellent description of CI, SDM Package related to Software Update, DCM, NAP etc  from Steve Rachui.

First, some definitions.

CI – A CI is short for Configuration Item.  A configuration item generically is a discrete unit of configuration to assess for compliance. They can contain one or more elements and their validation criteria, and they typically define a unit of configuration you want to monitor at the level of independent change.

SDM Package – A SDM package is short for Service Definition Model.  You may also hear the SDM Package described as using the SML – service modeling language.  SDM Packages link together with CI’s and further describe how to effect whatever configuration it is that we wish to evaluate or implement.

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  1. This is one of those blogs which uncovers in depth about how Software Updates feature works in SCCM and the various components involved in it in a much more detailed form.

    Kudos to Anoop for sharing this !!!


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