How to Design and Plan backup repository with Veeam Backup Replication v8

When a backup architect designs backup repository with Veeam Backup and Replication then there are two things which are very important and those are  size & performance. The white paper “Veeam Backup & Replication v8: Designing and planning backup repository performance by Luca Dell’Oca helps you to get high details how each Veeam backup mode works, what kind of I/O profile they create on the storage, pros and cons of each of them !! Veeam also does a very good job at handling the organization of the backups once you assign a specific location (share name) on a repository. 

Download the White Paper “Veeam Backup & Replication v8: Designing and planning backup repository performance” from here.

Also, Veeam is arranging Live Webinar on “Using Visualization to Maximize Availability for the Modern Data Center”  – Register here.Veeam-Backup-Replication V8

Luca Dell’Oca has shared the performance tests those he did against his lab storage array, a Netapp FAS2020 with 12 SATA disks and a single controller, pooled in a single large RAID-DP volume. The storage is mounted on a Windows server via iSCSI protocol, and this server is acting as the Veeam Repository. FIO tests are executed on this server. The results are super exciting. These tests proves that Veeam’s has a distributed architecture, where different components are responsible for different operations. Even if each component has its own value and the overall architecture benefits from a good balance of components, there is one component that is not easily replaceable and, if lost, can leave a customer in a bad situation—the repository.

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