Download and Install SCCM ConfigMgr vNext Technical Preview Version

As expected, Ignite comes with happy news for ConfigMgr/SCCM community. In the Ignite conference Microsoft announced the technical preview version of ConfigMgr 2016? or ConfigMgr vNext and this products General Availability will be expected by Quarter 4 (Q4) 2015. So, would this be ConfigMgr/SCCM 2015 or ConfigMgr/SCCM 2016? I really don’t know. All other versions of System Center products (SCOM, SCVMM) will be 2016 so I hope, SCCM will also released as SCCM 2016 🙂 So download and install the next version of SCCM today itself. Microsoft also planning to release Service pack version for SCCM 2012 within some day. Stay tuned !! More SCCM 2016 documentation on Technet here. More screenshots and feature details in the following blog post here.

Download the ConfigMgr SCCM 2016 Technical Preview Version from here

SCCM 2015


What are the special features available in the next version of SCCM ?


Windows 10 in-place upgrade
This is a new operating system deployment scenario for upgrading computers that run Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 to run Windows 10.

Mobile Application Management
Mobile application management policies let you modify the functionality of apps that you deploy to help bring them into line with your company compliance and security policies. For example, you can restrict cut, copy, and paste operations within a restricted app, or configure an app to always use a managed web browser when opening web links.


Data protection for mobile devices
This preview supports the following features from Microsoft Intune that you can use to enhanced data protection for mobile devices you manage when you use Intune with Configuration Manager. Click the name of each capability to view available information from the Microsoft Intune documentation library.

Preferred management points
Preferred management points is a new option that enables clients to identify and prefer to communicate with management points that are associated with the clients current network location (or boundary). When configured, clients attempt to use a preferred management point from their assigned site before using management points from their assigned site that are not configured as preferred.

On-premises mobile device management (MDM)
With on-premises mobile device management, you can manage devices that do not connect to the Internet or that are limited to accessing a few Internet resources. This helps your Enterprise meet security and compliance requirements while managing devices that are on-premises.

Support for Microsoft Azure virtual machines
The System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview is supported to run in virtual machines in Microsoft Azure just as it does when run on-premises within your physical corporate network.

Client deployment status in console monitoring
This release includes new monitoring for client deployment status, which provides you feedback on client upgrades. This improved status includes drilling into the different status categories to obtain details about individual devices.


Image credits to Sam and Stefanschorling

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9 thoughts on “Download and Install SCCM ConfigMgr vNext Technical Preview Version”

  1. I have CM 2012 CU4. I would like to try this TP version. Is it possible and permissible to install 2 versions of CM within a lab environment in the same DOMAIN?

  2. In order to install CM 2016 TP, I will have to do the following for the install to work within the same domain. Still trying to gather all the info to make sure before, I start the install. Let me know, if you have any input to this comment.

    0. Existing scope on the dhcp server is to ( with default gateway
    1. Create a new scope on the dhcp server with to ( with default gateway
    2. Create a new superscope on the dhcp server to include + (
    3. Install Windows Sever 2012 R2 on a new server and install all the updates
    4. Configure static ip address (
    5. Join the server to the domain
    6. Provide proper permission to the system management container in AD
    7. Install SQL 2014 (database engine, reporting services,management tool) & check the services are running
    8. Install required roles and features using Nick tool (Powershell script)
    9. Install ADK components
    10. Install WDS and WSUS
    11. Install CM 2016 TP from the setup folder

    As of now my current boundary seting on CM 2012 R2 is Type = Active Directory Site and Active Directory Site name = Default-First-Site-Name. I think this can cause problem with CM 2016 TP and I need to change boundary setting on CM 2012 R2 Type = IP Subnet (, with network ID


  3. i have tried to run the upgrade TS with OS upgrade package which contains Build 10074. I ran it on Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit VM and its failing with error 8004005 .
    What could be the root cause?


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