Download Free eBook on AD Active Directory Basics Tutorial for IT Pros

Active Directory is foundation of identity management of each and every technology in cooperate/enterprise environment. SCCM (ConfigMgr) engineers and desktop support engineers should have basic idea of Active Directory. Otherwise, it would very difficult for them to troubleshoot on the issue. Veeam is always here to support IT Pros community. In this free eBook about Active Directory under the hood. Active Directory basics Under the hood of Active Directory Sander Berkouwer MVP on Directory Services. I’ve done two posts on learning How to learn SCCM and how to learn Desktop support skills. Active Directory basics skills are very much required for all Windows Support engineers. Veeam also provides FREE tool for Active Directory recovery, download the tool from here. I’ll try to cover the Active Directory recovery tool in a future post.

Download the Free eBook Active Directory basics

Active Directory Basics For IT PROS

Microsoft’s Active Directory offers a central way for IT systems administrators to manage user accounts and devices within an IT infrastructure network. Changes in Active Directory can be made by these administrators centrally for consistency across the environment. More details about the content of the eBook AD basics.

What is Domain Controllers?
How to do Grouping of Domain Controllers?
More details Inside the Active Directory database !
What is Containers and objects?
What is Replication and High Availability?
How to create Intrasite and intersite replication?
What is Global Catalog servers?
More details about Flexible single-master operations, Functional levels, Active Directory and its networking services, DNS , DNS Domain Names, DNS Zones, DNS Records, DNS Servers and DHCP !!

More details here.

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  1. Another link bait, spent 10 minutes trying to get the book promised here. All take to the home page of the website. isnt this negative publicity for the company and ruining your own goodwill?


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