Download PowerShell Scripts and eBook for Server 2012 HyperV Management

It’s easy to manage hyper-v virtual machines via Hyper-V console, when we’ve lesser number of virtual machines. It would be really challenging to manage 100 virtual machines via Server 2012 Hyper-V manager console. To complete more complex tasks, or those that might extend beyond the scope of the management console, you need an alternative. That alternative is Windows PowerShell. Not only Hyper-V has build-in commadlets, now a days all the Microsoft products have their own command-lets. PowerShell command lets will surely make administrators life more easy. PowerShell scripts help admins to avoid performing day to day routine work.

Altaro has released an eBook called The Altaro PowerShell Hyper-V Cookbook by Jeffery Hicks. You can download the eBook and Scripts from the following link. This will surely help the hyper-v administrators to improve their efficiency at work and save loads of time. Initially we’ll find that the PowerShell command line interface (CLI) is very efficient. We need to check and confirm the graphical interface of Hyper-V console to understand whether you’re doing correct or not. After you become familiar with working in the CLI, you’ll become the smartest Hyper-V administrators around. Altaro also has innovative backup product called Altaro Hyper-V Backup More details in one of my following blog post “Are you Running SCCM Lab on HyperV Machine then you should Try Backup Solution

Download eBook and PS scripts ==>


More details about the content of the book here :- 

Hyper-V Cmdlet Basics
Creating a Virtual Machine
Using a Template
Using an ISO File
Virtual Machine Inventory
Get Mounted ISO files
Identifying Orphaned VHD/VHDX Files
Deleting Obsolete Snapshots
Querying Hyper-V Event Logs
A Hyper-V Health Report
Tips and Tricks
Additional Resources


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