eBook and Webinar to Know More About Windows Server 2016 Licensing

Altaro is back with eBook and Webinar for IT Pros and which will help to clarify most of the questions related to Microsoft Windows server 2016 licensing. This webinar is on Nov 29th 2016. The webinar is about Windows Server 2016 Licensing with Andy Syrewicze and Thomas Maurer. They will go through Windows Server 2016 own set of licensing rules and guidelines. Webinar subscribers also get an early preview of our new Windows Server 2016 Licensing Guide ebook! So you don’t need to wait for the January release for eBook.

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Following are the main agenda for the webinar:-

Licensing a WS2016 environment
Nested hypervisors and containers in WS2016
Understanding Licensing complexity

May be they will cover some parts of :-

Windows Server, Hyper-V Server licensing
Difference between keys & licenses
Understand license transfers, stacking & implications for a cluster
Mapped example diagrams of common virtual licensing environments


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