How to Enroll and Force Policy Sync on Android Mobiles Connected Intune Integrated SCCM 2012

This is a quick post to tell you about the Android Mobile Phone Enrollment Process and more. First of all your infrastructure should be ready to support Android Mobile Device enrollment. As mentioned in my previous Intune Guides here, I’ve a hybrid environment with Intune and SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3. I’m trying to enroll the Android mobile device Nexus 5. Do you know the way to manually sync the mobile device policies from Intune online services for Android phones? Yes there is an option to sync the intune mobile policies ASAP on android devices !! Read through the post you’ll get an answer. Also, there is an option to change the Azure Active Directory User password for the enrolled user from Android device.

Following are the topics covered in this post

1. How to enroll Android mobile devices to Intune + SCCM hybrid Environment?

2. How to Force policy Sync on Android phones ASAP or Immediately ?

3. How to change your Azure AD password from Android Mobile Device?

How to enroll Android mobile devices to Intune + SCCM hybrid Environment?

We need to ensure that intune support for Android devices has been enabled. Navigate through SCCM 2012 console “\Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Windows Intune Subscriptions” and make Android enrollment support is enabled in Windows Intune Subscription properties window.

Enroll Android Devices 1

1. Go to Google Play store and search for “Intune Company Portal“. Select the Intune Company Portal application and install it. I’ve installed the Intune Company Portal and tap on OPEN.


2. Next screen of Intune Company portal, you’ll be able to see “Activate Device Administrator?

This is the option to activate the Intune Company portal on your Android devices. This window will give you the details about the access details needed of this application.

Activating this administrator will allow the app company portal to perform the following operations: Erase All Data – Erase the phone’s data without warning by performed a factory data reset. 

Change the screen-unlock password, Set password rules and etc…


3. Tap on Next to enroll your Android device.

Enrolling this device will give you access to email and other company resources and gives your organization the ability to manage this device. Tap Next to begin device enrollment.


4.  Tap on Sign in to Login to Intune Company Portal.

I’m logging in with my intune trial version user name and password.


5. Signing in to Company portal.


6. Enrolling your device

This may take a few minutes. You can continue to use your device while it is being enrolled to the Company Portal.


7. Yes, enrollment is completed for Android Mobile device. You will be able to see the company portal “Anoop’s”.

You’ll be able to see the Applications assigned to the user, The other devices (My Devices) assigned to the User and Contact IT details.


How to Sync the Intune policies ASAP on Android devices ?

1) Open up Intune company portal app.

Tap on the “:” symbol on the Intune Company portal application. Tap on the SYNC option as shown in the following screenshot.


2) Once you tap on SYNC option as I mentioned in the above step then the following message will appear Syncing with service. This might take a few minutes


How to change the Azure Active Directory User password for the enrolled user from Android device?

1) Log on to Intune Company portal from your Android devices.

Tap on the Symbol which I’ve highlighted in the below screen shot


2) Tap on the KEY symbol in the profile page in Intune Company portal app.


3) In the change password page on Android device. This will take you to Windows Azure Active Directory (AAD). And now you’re free to change your user password.


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  1. I have an android device enrolled and it found the two applications I had deployed to a collection with the user in it that enrolled the device. Now deploying more apps (google play store linked apps only at this time) and even with the sync forced, it does not see the new apps in the company portal, only the first two I did before enrolling the device for the first time. Any ideas how to get it to see the new apps that are deployed to the same collection?


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