How to Enroll Windows Mobile Phone to Intune via Workplace Join


This is a quick post to tell you about the Windows Phone Enrollment Process. First of all your infrastructure should be ready to support Windows Phone enrollment. Follow Support Tool for Microsoft Intune Trial Management of Windows Phone 8/ 8.1 guide to setup Microsoft Intune Company Portal application and .PFX certificate for Windows Phone enrollment. In this post, I’m going to provide the steps you need to follow in the phone to enroll the Windows Phone devices into SCCM + Intune infrastructure.

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Go to Settings of the Windows Phone then Click on Workplace.

Windows Phone Enrollment

Windows Phone Enrollment1

Inside Workplace Settings, click on “add account” option. On the next window put in one of your Intune enrollment (email) account ( and click on Sign in.

Windows Phone Enrollment2Windows Phone Enrollment3

Once you sign in you’ll be able to see “the connection dots” ….. on top of your Windows Phone and it’s “we’re looking for your settings”. On the next window, you would be able see it asking for server details. Email id will automatically published, enter the name of the“. The server is common for all the devices. Once you enter server name CLICK on Sign IN.

Windows Phone Enrollmen-4Windows Phone Enrollmen-5

You’ll be able to see BLUE dots in the Windows Phone screen, don’t worry, it’s trying to connect to server and authenticate you. On the next page, you’ll be able to see Workplace window and below that you’ll be asked to log into Windows Intune with your organization account. In my case it’s the account (email id) used above as I’m using trail version of Intune. Enter email id and password click on Sign IN option.

Windows Phone Enrollmen-5Windows Phone Enrollmen-6

On the next windows you will be able to see BLUE dots in the blank screen of Windows Phone. Don’t worry it’s working in the background. Here you go!! Next screen is the confirmation screen where you can see the message “ACCOUNT ADDED“.

Also, the following message “You’ve successfully added your Anoop’s (your company name) account. Changes from your company policy will usually be applied on your phone within the next hour. Just one more thing. Your company also has an app you can install. If you skip this step, you can install it later. Go to Settings –> Workplace, then tap your account “.

Make sure you’ve checked the box “Install Company App” then tap on DONE button.

Windows Phone Enrollmen-7Windows Phone Enrollmen-8

On the next screen you would be able to see Settings –> Workplace and at the bottom Anoop’s enrolled. Anoop’s is my company name in my LAB environment. Now, You’re successfully enrolled your devices.

Windows Phone Enrollmen-9


  1. Hi,

    Once i enter the email address and the server name it is saying “Make sure you have a cellular data or wifi connection, then try again. If you still can’t connect check the email address and the server address are correct”. This comes even when data and wifi is connected.



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