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The European Business Awards exist to recognise and reward excellence, best practice and innovation in companies across Europe. It is a hallmark of excellence. The European Business Award recognise business excellence from all industry sectors, embracing businesses of all sizes and ages from all European countries.  Now, you know about The European Business Awards !

Next thing, you know about Savision and their innovative products like Live Maps, Cloud Reporter, Cloud Advisor etc? I think yes, and these products helped (rather changed) the life of IT Pros in many scenarios. Apart from their innovative products they are always there to help IT Pro community with great white papers, eBooks and Webinars !!!So, Savision is running for National Public Champion of The European Business Awards. As note of thanks, I would request your votes for Savision in the following website for  this Award. You just need to follow the below mentioned 2 steps to cast your vote. More details about their innovative products and other resources in the company website mentioned in the bottom of the post.

1) Type your email id and click on VOTE button

2) You receive an email through which you have to confirm your vote

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Savision –>

Savision’s Live Maps integration with system center products can help you in many ways. One of them is that you can directly start troubleshooting on the root cause of an outage, not the symptom of the outage itself. In fact this will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the team. With less number of people, you can manage your global infrastructure very effectively.

Savision’s Cloud Reporter is an excellent innovative product which can be used for Auditing, Predictive Capacity Planning and Virtual Machine Right sizing for Hyper-V.

Savision Cloud Advisor provides an impact analysis for each problem it discovers, letting you know the business cost of not taking action. This product helps the teams to finetune virtual machines and hosts for better performance and availability.


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