What are the New Features of Windows 10 Mobile Phone

What are the changes or new features included in Windows 10 for Phone TP2 version? There are loads of changes in the new version of Windows for mobile phones. Windows 10 for phone TP2 version is 9941.12498. Windows phone start screen is different feeling all together with transparent live tiles. More settings shortcut Action center (Rotation Lock, Flight Mode, Internet Sharing, VPN, Location, All settings,Camera, WiFi etc..) available in the start screen drop menu itself. Another feature I noticed in the cursor placement on virtual keyboard for Windows Phone native applications like Messages and Mails etc.. More details about new features of Windows 10 for Phones below! A quick walk through of features!! If you’re looking for a guide to upgrade your Lumia Phones to Windows 10 for Phones Preview version then following is the link for you !!

How to Upgrade Lumia Phones to Windows 10 TP for Phone–> here

Known Issues of Windows 10 for Phones –> here

Live Transparent Tiles for Windows 10 for Phones:


Action center: In Windows 10 for Phones, More settings shortcut switches (Rotation Lock, Flight Mode, Internet Sharing, VPN, Location, All settings,Camera, WiFi etc..) available in the start screen drop menu itself. You can on and off these features from this menu itself. It’s very useful !

wp_ss_20150214_0011 (1)

Cursor placement on virtual keyboard- Typing pad (of Windows 10 for Phone) for native Windows applications has nice NEW “dot”, this new cursor placement in virtual keyboard will help to fix the spelling mistakes very easily. Typing the Messages and Mails from Windows phones would easy with this feature.With this features we can move the cursor in all FOUR directions very easily !! I’m loving it.

Windows 10 for Phones Typing pAd

Reminder on shutdown is another cool feature which I’ve noticed on Windows 10 for Phones. If you shutdown your device and there is any pending reminder then the phone will show you “in case you forgot” reminder on shutdown.


New phone app, receiver and dialing history UI updates look nice. It’s very clean and neat!

wp_ss_20150214_0003Windows 10 for Phone settings menu gives exact universal settings which you can see in all Windows 10 devices.


Dialing pad in Windows 10 for Phone has changed. It looks really refreshing. Spacing between numbers are much better now. Looks great.


New pictures browser application (Windows 10 for phones) which “collection”, Albums, Folders, Send Feedback and settings. This is similar to iPhone IOS picture browser application.


Windows 10 for Phones gives new looks to File Explorer.  Are you liking it?

wp_ss_20150215_0009Windows 10 for Phone gives to create App Folder to add all your favorite applications to one place. App Folder is place holder for all your favorite applications.


Xbox games also available in Windows 10 for Phones.  Enjoy the Xbox games on your Windows 10 Phones now !!


Windows 10 for Phone comes with Internet Explorer 11. See, how is your experience…


Recently installed applications comes up in the applications list. This is very cool feature which we’ve already loving.


Windows 10 for Phones Video player also has some improvements !


OneDrive updates for Windows 10 for Phones here. Add OneDrive for Business option also included.


MSN Weather application also looks great in Windows 10 for Phones version in mobiles.


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