New Features of Windows 10 for Mobile Phones

I’ve upgraded Lumia 530 and 630 to newest version of Windows 10 for Mobile phone. I’m using Lumia 630 as primary phone so that I can dig more into the new features. This is not a production version of Windows 10 for  Mobile phones. However, this is technical preview version of Windows 10 build 10051, full windows 10 for mobile OS version is 10.0.12534.56. Before upgrading your Windows mobile phone to Windows 10, it’s always better to go through the Known Issues of Latest Windows 10 Build 10051 for Mobile Phones. This build of Windows 10 for Phone supports most of Windows Lumia phones as mentioned in the post Next Build of Windows 10 for Phone. There are some more important features like provisioning package etc.. included in this build. Will dig more into these next posts.

WP 10051

So, what’s is new in Windows 10 for Phone build 10051?

Spartan Browser 

Project Spartan browser is available in Windows Phone 10 build 10051. However, I couldn’t find the option to edit and capture button as we can see in the desktop/laptop version of Spartan browser (build # 10049). I can still see the Internet Explorer as default browser.


App Switcher (Back key) <–

Back key function has been changed in the Windows 10 for Mobile Phone build # 10051. In earlier versions of Windows for Phones (8.1, 10 etc…), when you press back button the opened the application get closed. However in this build, when you press back button, it just minimize the application which is opened and the application will continue running in the background. App switcher can support up to 15 recently used apps.

There are some disadvantages because of this change as the apps running in the background can take mobile resources and intern mobile will get slow down. Also, performance of the phone may also go down. To close all the apps running which are running in the background, press and hold the back key and close the list of apps as shown in the following picture.


New Mail and Calender application – Outlook Mail and Outlook Calender

Windows 10 for Phone Build # 10051 also comes with new universal or Windows apps called Outlook Mail and Outlook Calender. Initially, I felt like this is similar to new “INBOX” app by Google. But after using it for a day, I feel that it’s better than later one. One mail application from Microsoft (OUTLOOK for mobile) which can hold all the mails from different accounts like Gmail, Outlook and office 365 etc…


More granular controls in Outlook Mail universal (Windows) app. Swipe right to set flag and swipe left to delete the mails !! Super cool ! Along with mail signature option. It’s far better than Airwatch Touchdown application !!


Outlook Mail app come with new stylish editing window. See the cut, copy and paste button there.


New Windows (universal) app for Outlook Calender also look very nice to me.


People (Contacts) Windows Mobile 

The new universal app for contacts (people) has been introduced in the build version 10051 of Windows 10 for Mobile phones. Microsoft didn’t remove the older version of contact app (people legacy). I’m still missing the tiles of old contact app (people legacy).


Also, Profile of the contact (people windows app) also changed in latest build of Windows 10 for Mobile phone.


Dialing pad (Universal Phone application) :-

Dialing pad is also changed in Windows 10 for mobile phones (build version #10051). More improved universal phone application.


Universal Camera app :-

Universal (Windows) camera application provides universal style settings buttons to enable and disable the functionalities.



Data sense menu looks very cool with that representation of data usage of my Windows 10 Mobile Phone.


Bluetooth Picture Sharing :-

Bluetooth picture sharing has similar problems as build version 9941. We still don’t have option to save the pictures shared via Bluetooth and it not saved automatically. I’ve written about Bluetooth File Transfer Issues with Windows Mobile Phone 10.


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