Free Webinar to know more about High Availability for the Modern Data Center

Do you think New Data Centers are made for High Availability (HA)? It’s a known fact that there have been very little discussions on HA on DCs between between the IT architects and the DC facility designers. As a best practise, we should have more interactions between the IT architects and the DC facility designers. This talks help to improve the ability IT systems to handle failover and backup. The interesting changes in the Data Center technology is visualize more and utilize public – private cloud resources to make it more flexible. These trends will surely change the amount of redundant IT resources located within any one single physical data center. It would also help to create a logical redundancy shared among two or more sites. Veeam is arranging another community awareness program to know more about HA of modern DCs.

Veeam & ExaGrid are arranging a Live Webinar on 3rd February, Tue @ 11 a.m. EST High Availability for the Modern Data Center


Modern Data centers have the ability to shift live computing loads across hardware. While not every application may failover perfectly or seamlessly yet, we cannot underestimate the long term importance of rethinking and including the ability of High Availability !! In the above mentioned Live Webinar, you’ll get more details about :-

  • Near-continuous data protection and streamlined disaster recovery
  • 3x faster backups and longer term retention with
    the ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover integrated technology
  • Reliable, instantaneous file and VM restores

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