Free Webinar to Understand How HP and Veeam Deliver


Another free Webinar organized by Veeam and Hp on  13th Feb 2013. You can register this webinar from here. This webinar would be helpful to understand how HP and Veeam can deliver end-to-end storage and data-protection architecture. How can we optimize the backup scenarios for VMware, vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Following are topics covered in this Webinar. (a) What are the new challenges and new requirement for modern data protection and storage, (b) Why VM Backup is the new normal (c) Why multi-tier recovery has become an integral part of modern data protection strategy (d) Why is “legacy storage” failing virtualized workloads and what to expect from modern virtualized storage.

Free Webinar to Understand How HP and Veeam Deliver 1

More interested in backup technologies? Want to learn more and more about backup technologies? here is the post that will help. After completing this webinar, you’ll learn why the new 3PAR from HP sets the gold standard for Tier 1 storage in virtual environments, and how Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots enables IT administrators to recover VM’s and their data directly from HP LeftHand and HP Store-virtual VSA snapshots, and how Veeam & HP StoreOnce provide best in class de duplication.


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