Free Webinars on Cloud Reporter and Cloud Advisor

Join Savision’s webinar and stay on track with cloud world of things. This webinar will help you get more details about Cloud Reporter – Savision’s cloud capacity management solution and Cloud Advisor – Savision’s FREE tuning and optimization solution for your entire cloud. The webinar will highlight the powerful new features of both solutions.

Tuesday, Nov 18 | 11:00 am EDT/ 17:00 pm CEST

Thursday, Nov 20 | 9:30 am EDT/ 15:30 pm CEST

Savision’s Cloud Reporter is an excellent innovative product which can be used for Auditing, Predictive Capacity Planning and Virtual Machine Right sizing for Hyper-V. Most of our Organization uses private cloud to get added flexibility and easy access to additional resources. Now a days organizations are moving towards Virtualization because it’s giving improved utilization of the resources than we use today. With upcoming release cloud reporter and Cloud Advisor is added feature to support VMware platforms. Cloud Reporter for System Center is a robust capacity planning solution for private clouds based on VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. The newest release of Cloud Reporter features VMware support and includes VMware alarm monitoring inside the System Center Operations Manager console.

Cloud Reporte

Savision Cloud Advisor provides an impact analysis for each problem it discovers, letting you know the business cost of not taking action. This product helps the teams to finetune virtual machines and hosts for better performance and availability. Cloud Advisor also help us to increase the visibility of virtualization density, prevent resource exhaustion etc for Hyper-V virtual machines. Newly release Cloud Advisor will support Vmware platform as well. Cloud Advisor has always provided best practice tips and advice for your Hyper-V virtualization infrastructure. With our newest release, we bring the same wisdom and analysis to VMware.

Cloud Advisor

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