How to Become Expert in VMware vCloud Director


    First of all, let me clear this. There is no easy way or shortcuts to become an expert in any of the technologies. Are you interested to know more about VMware vCloud Director? Wanted to know more about VMware vCloud Director then Backup Academy is the correct place. Backup Academy is the right place to hear from industry experts about various technologies. vCloud Director brings a new level of management management tool that aggregates and abstracts infrastructure components like storage and networking.

    How to Become Expert in VMware vCloud Director 1

    Here is another fresh Backup Academy vCloud Director video session by David Hill, vExpert 2012, VCP, VCAP-DCD on vCloud. In this video, he talks about ::  Business Requirements,  VMware vCloud Director Architecture, Virtual Data Centers, Allocation Models and Networking.

    There are a lot of features that make up a private cloud, and vCloud Director addresses these through management of the VMware software-defined data-center. Capabilities such as resource pooling, resource prioritization, resource abstraction, multi-tenancy, self-service, workflow automation and automation are all significant features that can be managed by vCloud Director.

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    David Hill covers following topics in details with in his Backup Academy Video.

    VMware vCloud suite components
    Capability to Component Mapping
    Cloud is built in layers
    VMware vCloud Director Architecture
    vCloud Director Scaling
    Logical Architecture Overview
    Virtual Data Centers

    Provider Virtual Datacenter
    Virtual Datacenter Backing
    Create Provider Virtual Datacenters to differentiate between
    Allocation Models
    Reservation Pool
    Allocation Pool

    The Big Networking Picture
    External Networks
    Network Pools
    Network Pools – vSphere Portgroup-Backed
    Network Pools – VLAN-Backed
    Network Pools – VCDNI backed
    Network Pools – VCDNI Protocol
    Network Pools – VCDNI Best Practices
    Network Pools – VCDNI-Backed
    Network Pools – VXLAN
    Network Pools – VXLAN Benefits

    Organization Networks
    Direct Organization Networks
    Routed Organization Networks
    Isolated (Internal) Organization Networks
    IPv6 considerations


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