How to change Start Menu Tile Transparency of Windows 10 Mobile Phone

Tile transparency is one of my favorite feature of Windows 10 for Mobile phones. Tile transparency was not there for previous version of Windows phone. Microsoft published a post about “coming soon” Windows 10 for Mobile phones here. I’m bit disappointed with the list because my Lumia phone, 630 which is part of Windows Insiders program and part preleased version of Windows 10 mobile is not there in coming soon list. As mentioned in the previous post “What is Windows 10 PIN and How to Set PIN for Windows 10 Mobile Phone“, I’ll wait for Cityman with Windows hello 🙂

Lumia Windows 10 Mobile Phone

How to change Start Menu Tile Transparency of Windows 10 Mobile Phone?

Go to Setting –> Personalisation –> Start to change the transparency settings of start menu background in Windows 10 mobile phone. Even from   Setting –> Personalisation –> Start you can change the background image.


From the Start options in settings –> personalisation, you can change the start menu background picture just by clicking on browse button and selecting the picture you want.

To change Start menu Tiles Transparency settings, you just need drag the node in the bar as you show in the following screen capture. And more over you will get live preview of the transparency of Windows 10 mobile start menu !


You can play around with Windows 10 mobile tile transparency and my start menu looks super cool 🙂


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