How to Control Windows 10 Mobile From Your Laptop Desktop Browser


Do you know it’s really possible to connect to Windows 10 Mobile from your PC browser without installing any extra apps!! Not just connect, you can control your Windows 10 Mobile phone from Microsoft edge or some other browser. You don’t have to install any 3rd party software on Windows Phone and as well on Windows machine. What all we can do? Side load the application with very ease, Install/Deploy APPX applications to Windows Phone, Delete WiFi profiles, Connect to WiFi,  Save Windows 10 Mobile Device configurations, Live Performance monitor, Live Process monitor and Running application details and more ! How is this possible? This is possible through the feature called Device Portal on Windows 10 Phone . Navigate via Settings -> Update & Security -> Developer Mode -> Device Portal. Select Developer mode option to install any signed app and use advanced development features. Also, turn on Remote Diagnostics over USB and Local Area Network Connections as shown in the pics below.



How to connect Windows 10 Mobile/Phone from a browser? Using WiFi and url As you can see on the above screen capture! The Windows 10 Phone and Windows machine should be connected to same WiFi. When you launch the above website from your Windows Machine, you might asked to login via the portal “” .To authenticate with Windows 10 Mobile, you must have a authentication  code  and you can get the code from your phone, go to Settings. Choose Update & security, then choose For developers. Enable Device discovery and press the Pair button.



On your Windows 10 machine browser, enter the pairing 6 character password/PIN from the Windows 10 Phone/mobile device and click on Submit button as shown in the following screen capture.


Once your Windows 10 machine is connected to Windows 10 Phone via browser then you can go to each of the tabs which I explained below.  Home page doesn’t have much information other than remote shutdown and restart option of mobile device. At this point of time, it’s just a place holder 🙂 May be more developments on the way :- Apps page ( on Windows 10 Phone Device Portal contains the information/details about the applications which are running on the phone now. Also Windows 10 mobile device portal gives options to remove or start the installed applications on the mobile.


Moreover you can remotely install/deploy APPX application from Windows 10 Phone Device portal :- Provide the app package path in the browse menu. If there is any dependency for application you can specify the same in there and click or select GO button below deploy section in the apps page to deploy applications to Mobile device from device portal. There will live updates in the portal – like uploading the application to mobile device and installing the application to mobile device as you can see in the following screen capture.


Next page in the Device portal is called Processes pagehttps:// ), this page contains the information about the running processes on the mobile devices. This would be really helpful for IT Pros as well developers to check the services and processes running on a device. PIDs, Name, User Name, Session ID, CPU usage loads of details can be viewed from device portal Process page. You can also sort the columns as per your preference.


 You can see and verify the performance of your Windows 10 Mobile/Phone from device portal page called Performancehttps:// ). CPU and Memory utilization graphics are very handy to gage the performance of a mobile device. Following are some of the details – Total memory, Committed memory, paged memory and non paged memory, GPU Qualcomm Adreno 430 average utilization etc…


You can see and verify the device details of your Windows 10 Mobile/Phone from device portal page called Devices ). Similar to one in Windows machines called device manager. All the device details can be saved to a file or export to a file. This would be very useful for troubleshooting and debugging purpose for both IT Pros as well as for Dev Ops. for example you will get following details from device manager for Windows 10 Mobile/Phone !

HID Message Broker G1 Driver Properties: ID : ROOT\HIDMESSAGEBROKER_G1\0000 :- Description : HID Message Broker G1 Driver; Class : HIDClass ; Manufacturer : Nokia; StatusCode : 25174027
Nokia HID Message Broker Driverless :- Properties:ID : HID\HIDMESSAGEBROKER_G1&COL03\1&2CE762BB&0&0002; Description : Nokia HID Message Broker Driverless; Class : HIDClass; Manufacturer : Nokia ; StatusCode : 25174026


The last page of Device Portal for Windows 10 Mobile is called Networking – WiFi Manager ( ).   From WiFi Manage page you can connect/ create new WiFi profiles and delete the WiFi Profiles. You can check and verify the IP configurations of the Windows 10 Mobile device from this page of Device portal. IP configurations and IP addresses of Windows 10 Mobile device are always helpful at the time of troubleshooting on issues.


Thanks to Prasoon to give me the idea to write about this topic !!


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