How to Get Visibility and Control on SCCM Content Over WAN Traffic

Systems management has never been the same since SCCM. SCCM is amazing, but third party vendors have improved it with better content delivery, P2P, WAN optimization, and more. Adaptiva has enhanced SCCM features with its Content Visibility and Control features. In your environment, are you capable to see where your SCCM content is while it is transferring over the WAN? Can you pause it, reorder them, or speed it up? Can you see where all your SCCM content in the world is on disk at rest? If not you can’t know what’s happening and you are at risk if zero-day updates or mission-critical fixes come up that you must deploy immediately. In this post, I’m going to cover following topics :-

Can you see all content in transit?
Can you change content delivery priority in real time?
You want SCCM traffic to not affect business traffic, but if you need to override, can you?
How much easier would life be if you could pause anything?
See All Content at Rest on Peers Globallysccm-liveflow-priority-override-diagram1

 Can you see all content in transit?

The new Adaptiva OneSite 5.5 makes it so admins now can see all WAN transfers worldwide through LiveFlow™ feature. Screenshots to show you the technology.


Here you see all the SCCM related WAN transfers going to London. You also see Content IDSource OfficeDestination OfficeSource ClientTarget ClientPriorityTransferred Data (%)Remaining Data (in KBs)Remaining Time (hh:mm:ss)Avg. SpeedCurrent Speed and State. This doesn’t matter if only one office, but if you have multiple offices this can change your life.

Can you change content delivery priority in real time?


This screenshot shows content being delivered, one active and two queued. To send time-critical content immediately, just change the priority to a higher one. OneSite gives many levels of 255 priorities not just high, medium, and low. This avoids the problem where content being delivered is already assigned the highest priority, so there is no way to assign new content a higher priority.

See below, just 10 seconds after changing priority. The high priority content actively transferring and the demoted item is waiting.3_ChangePriorityToLondonResultHL

Automatic pause and resume is another important thing to look for. When you make a new top priority, the active item pauses. When the top priority item is done, and the transfer is complete, the paused active item continues right where it paused without starting over and wasting time.

Next you see a screen that makes tracking and managing content priority changes easy.4_ManagePriorityOverrideHL

OneSite lets you immediately re-prioritize content delivery in real-time without killing jobs. When you change priorities, the content you paused automatically resumes after the urgent content completes, without having to start over. You can specify priority at a finer level than just SCCM’s high medium and low. It’s easy to view and configure all content priority changes.

You want SCCM traffic to not affect business traffic, but if you need to override, can you?


Adaptiva OneSite predictive bandwidth harvesting keeps your WAN from flooding by sending each packet only so it never competes with business traffic. But if you ever have a content transfer so important you need to send it ASAP on equal footing with business traffic, you can.

OneSite lets you execute a transport override like in the screenshot above. Even if this almost never happens, better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it.

How much easier would life be if you could pause anything?


This screenshot shows OneSite pauses a specific piece of content, which can later be resumed it exactly where it left of without missing a byte. This next screenshot is pausing all content deliveries to a specific office with just one command.7_PauseAllContentToLondonHL

Sometimes you want to prevent systems traffic from sending over the WAN at all. The screenshot below shows you what Adaptiva can do with this, nicknamed “Big Red Button.”


To be clear the screenshots are to show how you can pause content instantly without killing jobs and start it again later without losing progress:

  • For delivering a single piece of content
  • For all content deliveries to a single office
  • For all content deliveries worldwide

See All Content at Rest on Peers Globally


The last screenshot show everywhere in the world where a certain piece of content resides. By choosing an individual office, you can can then see the details of which peers are storing it. The view also reveals content that is being transferred or is paused while higher priority content completes transferring.

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