How to Make Windows 10 Bootable USB Drive

I tried to update/install Windows 10 TP version 10074 with bootable USB/flash drive. First of all you should be part of Windows Insider program from here to download the latest version Windows 10 TP ISO. Download the ISO version of Windows 10 TP 10074 from here. Note that Windows 10 ISO is around 3.51 GB. Once you’ve downloaded the Windows 10 ISO, you can go head and download the software which can make a bootable USB/Flash/Pen drive for you with the Windows 10 ISO. Download  Windows USB/DVD Download Tool !! Also, read about some interesting features of this version of build like AAD (Azure Active Directory) join with Out Of Box Experience.

Windows 10 - 10074-Boot USB -1

Once the bootable media is created then you can boot from that media. Start installing Windows 10 TP version #10074 on Dell precision !!

Windows 10-10074-3

Some of the important changes after the installation is OOBE (Out of Box experience) for enterprise environment. With this option, cooperate users would be able to directly login to the laptop using their corporate ID. In the background, your Windows 10 machines will get added to AzureAD. When you do “whoami” on the machine then you would be able to see something like “AzureAd\Anoop Chandran”.

Windows 10-10074-2

Some of the new Features of Windows 10 Build #10074

General UX improvements: We made a bunch of UX improvements with the last build and you’ll see even more in this build. For example, you’ll notice a new Live Tile animation for Start in addition to in addition to some performance and stability improvements for Live Tiles.

Windows 10 - 10074-4

More improvements to Continuum: We’re continuing to make Continuum better and invest in a simplified taskbar. See the video explains more about this option.

Multi-tasking improvements: We’re continuing to refine and complete our mulit-tasking experience with Windows 10. Check out Alt-Tab, Task-View, and Snap Assist. Snap Assist also now supports the ability to close a window during Snap Assist.

Windows 10 - 10074-5


New default Windows sounds: Some fresh system sounds for Windows 10.  Some fresh system sounds for Windows 10. Check it out from “C:\Windows\Media”

Windows 10 - 10074-6

Visual refresh and New experience with Cortana: You will see a visual refresh for Cortana in this build that makes the experience feel more ingrained into the overall Windows experience.

Windows 10 - 10074-7

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