Video Tutorial How to Integrate Intune with SCCM CB Current Branch

This Video Tutorial helps to add Intune subscription to SCCM CB to manage mobile devices !!

I normally get loads of questions like a) How to connect on prem SCCM to cloud Intune? b) How to add Intune Subscription to SCCM CB ? c) How to integrate Intune with SCCM? Answers to all these questions are same 🙂 In this video tutorial, we will see how to add Intune Subscription to SCCM/ConfigMgr Current Branch (CB) !! Before starting the integration of SCCM with Intune, you should make sure that internet connection is there and you have a valid Microsoft Intune subscription. More importantly, you should not selected Intune as your MDM authority, you can check this from Microsoft Intune portal.
Before integrating Intune with SCCM / ConfigMgr you should make sure that your Mobile Device Management Authority is NOT SET !!!


Following are the notes which I used during the creation of this video tutorial !!

Navigate — \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Microsoft Intune Subscriptions
Setting up MDM authority to SCCM/ConfigMgr !! THis can’t be changed later without MS help!!
Sign in with Intune User name and password !!
You can specify the custom collection you want in production scenario. Over here in my lab ..I’m going to
select All Users Collection …
Maximum number of devices a user can enroll is 5 !! We can’t change it !
You can select company logo as per your requirement !!
Select Enrollment Manager !!
Connection Information
• Use Configuration Manager Administration Console to manage this subscription.  This is a one time, one way setting.General Information
• Only manage devices on premises: No
• Collection name: All Users
• User devices will enroll using the following site code: AC1
• Organization name: Anoop’S
• Privacy Link:
• Theme: BlueCompany Contact Information
• IT department contact name: Anoop IT Dept
• IT department phone number: 20090030
• IT department email address:
• Support website URL (not displayed to user):
• Website name (displayed to user): IT
• Additional information: Anything !!! Notes!! Internal org process !?Company Logo
• Logo to use when the company portal background is white:
• Logo to use on top of the selected color scheme:
• Show the company name next to company logo: YesMulti-Factor Authentication
• Enable multi-factor authentication: No
 Intune connection created on SCCM CB.
Logging in to Intune company portal check MDM authority !! whether it’s changed to SCCM or not


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