How to Monitor MySQL Using SCOM and BridgeWays Management Pack

What is MySQL? A MySQL is a freely available open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). MySQL database has two fundamental elements. One is a set of database files that are physically resident on a drive. These files store the permanent data of the database. The second element is the “instance,” which is a set of processes running in a computer’s memory. SCOM can’t be able to monitor MySQL properties very efficiently. Bridgeways MySQL management pack adds capabilities to SCOM/OpsMgrs to monitor MySQL DBs. More details about BridgWays MP here.


BridgeWays Management Pack for MySQL database simply allows you to be more proactive by monitoring from the server all the way down to the indexes. Then you can resolve issues before they burn out your already strained IT resources. Whether you’re a MySQL expert or not, you can utilize SCOM’s built-in Health Explorer to review our extensive knowledge base articles, effectively helping you with the identification, root cause and solution needed for quicker issue resolution. Plus, our out-of-the-box reports can help you forecast and engage in other business-critical responsibilities such as capacity planning.

Video on Bridgeways MySQL Management Pack for SCOM

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1 thought on “How to Monitor MySQL Using SCOM and BridgeWays Management Pack”

  1. I have received below alert from MYSQL management pack regarding “runas account”

    Alert: MySQL Database: The “Run As” credentials are not set or are invalid.
    Description: A “Run As” account with valid credentials to access the database instance has not yet been assigned.

    Alert context: No credentials are set yet.

    Run as account has access to MYSQL database and mapped by using run as profile. Anything I am missing here?


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