How to Monitor Oracle Database and Oracle RAC environment with SCOM OpsMgr

There are many different relational database management systems (RDBMS) out there in the market. Most popular among them are SQL and Oracle. Personally, I’ve never used Oracle database as a System Center person, I’m strongly associated with SQL. However, all of our organizations use both data management systems like SQL and Oracle. This make our life bit difficult because monitoring the health and alerts of Oracle DB is not very easy as SQL because of obvious reasons:) We can use existing SCOM/OpsMgr environment to monitor Oracle DBs with in your organization. BridgeWays Management Pack for Oracle Database allows you to be more proactive and productive by understanding the load placed on your database and your RAC environment.


BridgeWays Oracle Database Management Pack can handle cluster related monitoring of all your Oracle instance. It doesn’t matter how complex your hosts or clusters are configured. Learn more about our newest performance improvements. The out of the box reports are always helpful to forecast and give the decision makers information they need without technical complexity. BridgeWays Oracle MP comes with Out Of Box rich reports. Monitoring of key health and performance metrics with top- and low-level views of the complete Oracle database—ensuring the consistent high-functionality of the database that’s needed and expected.

More Details about Oracle DB MP here in the following video

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