How to Perform Mass Deployments of Windows 10 Upgrades Using SCCM 2012


In this post, I wanted to share the video of demo-rich first look at an enterprise-scale rollout of Windows 10 using SCCM. The upcoming challenge for SCCM admins will be to deploy new Windows 10 OSD images (rather than creating and designing a new TS for Windows 10) to remote offices with less bandwidth.

Windows 10 production version will be released within 2 months. Windows 10 brings loads of new features and solutions for businesses.

From this video, you will get a rapid OSD, showing you step-by-step how to automatically and quickly migrate tens of thousands of PCs and laptops from Windows XP/7/8 to Windows 10—without disruption.

Learn how this zero-touch approach can dynamically provision PXE points and SMPs worldwide in minutes, performing OSD without server infrastructure and any impact on WAN traffic.


Adaptiva onesite can make SCCM admins life very easy in the coming Windows 10 upgrades projects with the following innovative features of it. Adaptiva onesite has the capabilities like Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting, Zero Footprint Caching, Virtual SAN, Peer-to-peer PXE, Virtual State Migration Point, AutoStage etc…

More details available here. Here is the Microsoft Ignite session video which will help to complete Windows 10 upgrades projects on time and without much overheads  !!!


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