How to Start Troubleshooting Hyper-V Issues Webinar


Are you working as Hyper-V administrator? Anytime, you can get into real trouble if the Hyper-V server is down or it’s not working as expected. If at all you are expert in Hyper-V, sometime you will get into pressure cooker mode and forget the basics. Here is your opportunity to get free Webinar exclusively on Hyper-V troubleshooting. Altaro is arranging “Hyper Troubleshooting Webinar” for IT Pros. What are the common issues faced in Hyper-V? How to start troubleshooting on Hyper-V issues?

Register for Webinar on 25th Feb 2016 at 4pm CET / 10am EST here


Even I use Hyper-V for my labs. So intern, I’m also an Hyper-V admin !! The common problems which I faced with Hyper-V are 1. I installed the Hyper-V role and can create or import a virtual machine, but I can’t start the virtual machine. 2. Microsoft Emulated IDE Controller Error 3. Hyper-V Memory related issues 4. Hyper-V Virtual network switch linkage. It would really helpful to get Hyper-V troubleshooting tips from Microsoft MVPs Didier Van Hoye and Andy Syrewicze !! So register for the Hyper-V Webinar and enjoy the session !!


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