How to Store and Recover Windows 10 Bitlocker Keys

Storing and recovering BitlLocker recovery keys are crucial information which needs to documented for each organization.


Several reasons might make a Windows 10 device go into recovery mode. Once recovery mode is enabled, the user needs to put in BitLocker recovery keys to recover encrypted drive of Windows 10 machine. What are the reasons for Windows 10 device go into recovery mode? For example, your organization might have a password security policy that locks you out after a certain number of failed attempts to sign in; Windows 10 PC could have encountered a hardware malfunction, an unexpected configuration change, or another security event.

Bitlocker recovery key has required helping ensure that only an authorized person can unlock your Windows 10 PC and restore access to your encrypted data. How can we get my BitLocker recovery key? The BitLocker recovery depends on how Windows 1o PC is set up; there are different ways to get your recovery key. You can recover the key depending on the way you saved the BitLocker recovery key. You can retrieve the BitLocker Recovery Key from Microsoft account if you have a Windows 10 BYO(Bring Your Own) device. Or if you have a BitLocker encrypted Windows 10 CYOD device, the BitLocker recovery key is saved in the Azure Active.

BitLocker Recovery Keys – Windows 10 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

How to Store and Recover Windows 10 Bitlocker Keys 1BitLocker Recovery Keys for Windows 10 BYOD can be retrieved from following URL . This is possible when your Windows 10 device is logged in with Microsoft account and you have selected the option BitLocker Recovery Key from Microsoft account.

BitLocker Recovery Keys – Windows 10 CYOD (Choose Your Own Device)

How to Store and Recover Windows 10 Bitlocker Keys 2

We have two options to get the BitLocker Recovery keys for Windows 10 CYOD (Company Owned device). Users can retrieve their recovery key by going to following site, go to user profile then select Devices and select the device for which they would like to get the BitLocker Recovery keys “ “. Second option is to get the BitLocker recovery key from Azure Active Directory “Microsoft Azure – Tenant Name – Users and groups – All users – User Name – Devices – Device

BitLocker Recovery Keys – Windows 10 BYOD Process

How to Store and Recover Windows 10 Bitlocker Keys 3

Enter the recovery key to get going again. The recovery key can be retrieved using any of the method mentioned in the above sections. I received the following error while booting up the Surface device “You need to enter the recovery key because secure boot policy has unexpectedly changed.” This screen also provides the URL user has to go to get the recovery key. The user can also get the key ID and Drive Label details from this screen. Once the user finds the BitLocker recovery key for that device and drives, then click on continue to start recovering the drive.

Reference Documents:-

  • BitLocker recovery keys: FAQ (frequently asked questions) – here
  • Automatic Bitlocker on Windows 10 during Azure AD Join – here



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