Hyper V Training Video From Backup Academy

    Hyper V features
    Hyper V features

    Thought of sharing Brien Posey’s  (MVP) excellent video to know more and learn about Hyper-V R3.0 via Backup Academy. This video help you to understand about new features about Hyper V R3 with Windows Server 2012.  Watch and Download the Video from here. Following are the key points he takes us through :-

    PowerShell Management
    Memory Balooning
    Live Migrations (beyond the cluster, shared nothing Live Migration)
    Failover Clustering
    Storage Migrations
    Hyper-V Replica
    Virtual Fibre Channel
    NIC Teaming
    Offload datacenter and more!

    Are you looking for Hyper V features of Windows Server R2? Here are some features of Hyper V R4.

    Secure boot for VMs and booting off of virtual SCSI or virtual network adapters
    VM Direct Connect
    Extend replication to a third site
    Replica frequency options
    Compression for faster migration
    Online VM exporting and cloning
    Online VHDX resizing
    Storage QoS
    Dynamic Memory support for Linux
    Shared VHDX


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