Infographic Why Not to Hate Windows 8

Infographic Why Not to Hate Windows. Look at the new features of Windows, you never ever hate it !! I started using Windows 8 in beta days. Look at the boot time and Shutdown time of Windows 8.

It’s just awesome, see the wow factor, a very good improvement. Obviously, it’s going to take time to get used to Windows 8 interface or GUI, if you’re fairly new to it.¬†Another feature that I want to highlight is searched, it’s improved a lot in Win8.

Infographic Why Not to Hate Windows

The New Task manager is very much improved whole loads of information and lot more user-friendly. Hyper-v client integration to windows 8 is the most awaited feature for me personally.

However, I can’t resist stating the drawback of the win 8 hyper-v client and that is the nesting of virtual machines, it’s not supported in Windows 8.

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 SkyDrive, Internet Explorer 10, Windows To Go, Touch Mode, and Windows apps store are excellent add ons.  I’ve seen people stating that when Microsoft introduced windows GUI (from DOS) and Mouse options there was a similar kind of resistance from every corner of the world.

But look at now, how many of us can use computers without GUI and Mouse. So it’s very important that you go and get used to Windows 8.

The Infographic is shared by Dot Com Infoway.


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1 thought on “Infographic Why Not to Hate Windows 8”

  1. I’m NEVER going to use Windows 8 EVER again.

    There is no reason why I should.
    I’ve just UPgraded from windows 8 to windows 7. Now I can be productive, and no need to register a fuc**ng xbox account for each of the kids just so they can donwload a few game apps from the MS Store..

    I really felt pissed of the perfomance, lack of start meny, the touch friendly design – and I was using mouse and keyboard..
    I waited for won 8.1 to see it they could fix this mess, but no.. just some miner modefications. Not enough to solve any of my main problems.

    Long story short.. after 2 month of Win 8 on 2 new PCs (one stationary and one laptop), the solution was to upgrade to windows 7 on the stationary PC. The laptop did not have drivers for win 7 – so I sold that one.
    Then I bought a used laptop, and installed Ubuntu on that one. Works really well. I also had enough money left to buy 2 Samsung 7″ Galaxy Tabs.
    I also sold a win 8 license on an older (a cheap 8 month old) stationary PC that never worked properly with Windows 8 (which I got a free win 8 “upgrade” for in the store) because there was no win 8 drivers for the MSI mainboard. It was ultra slow, and could not even show a youtube video in low resolution.. Let alone multitask, play music or movies and what not.
    That box is now running Ubuntu too. And it works. Even the kids prefer Ubuntu, and that UI.

    So the next time we’re upgrading out PCs, I will not but a win 9, it is even looks like win 8. I really really hate it.
    I would even buy an Apple PC before I buy a win 8 PC again.. and that says a lot.

    In the mean time we will manage just fine with Android and Ubuntu.

    Oh yeah.. I remember when MS changed from DOS to the Windows UI.. but there was few problems. They still had a fully functioning DOS windows, AND they could also boot directly in DOS.
    If I have the ability to boot directly into Windows 7, without the lame ass MS Store and shit like that.. I would not complain. Then people had an option to choose between. But with Win 8, you have no choice. You get the GUI/Interface wether you like it or not. The GUI and app store designers deserves to be beaten.
    Even the look of the icons suck.. flat and ugly. Give me some eye candy at least.

    My next PC will probably be a Samsung running Android and hopefully able to dualboot with Ubuntu.


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