What is InterSystems Caché database and How to Monitor Cache DB

Caché database is a new generation of database technology that provides multiple modes of data access. Data is only described once in a single integrated data dictionary and is instantly available using object access, high-performance SQL, and powerful multidimensional access – all of which can simultaneously access the same data.

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SCOM-OpsMgr-Cache DB Monitoring

Monitoring of Cache Database is very critical. It requires very niche technology. Many in the Healthcare and Financial industries depend on the InterSystems Caché Database. Bridgeways came up with a Management Pack to monitor Caché Database with System center solutions like SCOM/OpsMgr. More details about Caché Database MP is here.

Monitoring Cache DB

SCOM OpsMgr Cache DB MP will help you to resolve the following issues and many more in your environment. Tibanna the cloud SCOM / OpsMgr solution of Bridgeways is also allow you to monitor Caché database in your environment. This feature will be enabled in Tibanna the cloud solution of SCOM in the upcoming releases.

Resolve common issues, such as:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory consumption
  • Licensing
  • Database performance
  • Database availability

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