IT Silos and Impact on IT Operation in the Cloud World

The IT world is moving toward SaaS and cloud. So, the IT operations should also embrace these changes. Isn’t it ? Savision is arranging a FREE webinar on Tear down IT silos and improve IT Operations. Don’t miss Savision’s free webinar, which will take place on Wednesday, November 30th at 9 AM CST (US) | 4 PM CET (EU). Hosted by Microsoft MVPs Kerrie Meyler and John Joyner, the webinar is called: ‘Tearing down IT Silos – Addressing the human side of IT Operations’.  


Address the human side of IT Operations and learn how to improve your organization’s IT Maturity level. The webinar will touch on some points like:

·       Defining Infrastructure and Operational Maturity

·       How the People, Process, and Technology Triangle relate to Business Value and Business Management

·       The six levels of Infrastructure and Operational Maturity 

Register now here! 

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