Learn about Journey to SCCM Cloud Micro Services

Let’s learn about the journey to SCCM Cloud Micro Services. The trip to the cloud is not a straightforward path for most organizations. It involves a different mix of computing styles depending on the requirements.

The cloud journey for an organization with loads of complex infrastructure is entirely different from a startup organization.

Best Start Private or Public or Hybrid Cloud?

I think the hybrid cloud is the best opportunity to start the journey to the cloud. The hybrid cloud involves a mix of application workloads hosted in private, virtualized on-premises environments or hosted environments and public cloud services.

The hybrid cloud bridges the public cloud and on-prem DC (Data Center) solutions.

Are IT Pros Worried about Journey to Cloud?

Many IT Pros are worried about the journey to the cloud. There are loads of upskilling needed for IT Pros. Upskilling on cloud platforms and cloud services is particularly problematic for IT Pros. The best approach is to understand the mapping from on-prem infra to the cloud platform.

Journey to SCCM Cloud Micro Services – Masterclass on Cloud Migration

Altaro is arranging a master class for cloud migration. This master class (webinar) covers both fully-serviced cloud offerings and smaller-scaled solutions that provide more easy steps to realizing the benefits without fully committing.

Microsoft’s new technologies are compelling as they are designed to help organizations make that transition slowly and at their own pace.

Altaro hosted another excellent webinar about Windows containers. Containers to provide standardized environments for their development, QA, & production teams.

Register for Journey to Cloud Webinar

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
Presented live twice on the day
Session 1: 2pm CEST – 5am PDT – 8am EDT
Session 2: 6pm CEST – 9am PDT – 12pm EDT

Register Webinar:- https://goo.gl/B4nDKM


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