Here are the Leaked Images of Windows 10 for Windows Phone

Here are the Leaked Images of Windows 10 for Windows Phone. These leaked images prove that universal settings which we’ve already noticed in Windows 10 TP will be there in Windows 10 for Mobile Phones as well. Another interesting pointed noted from the images are Transparent Tiles over full wallpaper in Windows 10 for Phone.

Universal Notification and Universal Settings for Windows 10 for Phone !


New Windows Phone start screen tiles with Windows 10 preview! 


As Microsoft informed, The application list is bit different in Windows 1o phone as well as for Windows Phones. The leaked image has this feature also highlighted.


New Cortana Settings of Windows 10 for Phone !

windowsPhone10-Preview-06I believe this leak (Pictures of Windows 10 for mobile phones) is originated from a Chinese site ithome and via Twitter 🙂

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